With full-scale production of the Tesla Cybertruck getting closer and closer, the American EV maker is seemingly pulling all the stops required to make the upcoming electric pickup truck as reliable as possible, working around the clock to finish development ahead of the vehicle’s expected launch towards the end of the year.

This is far from the first time the Cybertruck has been spotted testing in various forms, with this particular prototype seen early Monday morning doing the rounds at the company’s Fremont test track.

Twitter user @teslatechbro posted the video and photos (embedded below) showing what appears to be the same vehicle that was snapped last week, with its lower front bumper, single windscreen wiper, triangular side mirrors, and body panels that look more refined than older iterations of the Cybertruck.


Tesla’s hotly debated all-electric truck will be shown in its finished form later this year, marking four years since the original prototype was shown back in 2019.

With its controversial angular design, the Cybertruck has amassed its fair share of fans and critics alike, with Joe Rogan recently saying that it looks like it’s “a hundred years in the future.” At the same time, numerous Twitter users have voiced their opinions about the truck’s design, with some saying that it’s “downright ugly.” Some of these commenters can even be seen on the Twitter post above.

Tesla’s much-anticipated pickup is already being assembled at the Texas Gigafactory, albeit in very small numbers and for development purposes only. A ramp-up in production is expected to happen at the beginning of next year, after a delivery event in Q3 2023.

Specs-wise, it’s unclear what the Cybertruck will offer, with the company removing the technical details from its official website a while back, but from what we’ve seen so far, we can make some educated guesses.

As previously reported, Tesla’s electric truck will probably come equipped with an adaptive air suspension system, rear-wheel steering, the company’s latest Hardware 4.0 computer, an updated yoke steering wheel, and of course all-wheel drive.

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