The Tesla Model Y is the best-selling EV in the US and one of the top-selling cars in the world. Nonetheless, Tesla continues to discount it since the automaker can now build Model Y crossovers much more quickly than it can sell them. However, we'd venture to bet that the three-row, seven-seat version of the Model Y is not the best-selling version in the lineup.

Only a few three-row EVs currently exist, and they're pricey. The Tesla Model X was the only option for years until the Model Y came along. The Rivian R1S also has three rows, and the upcoming Kia EV9 will join the list. 

That said, the Model Y is the cheapest EV on the market if you need three rows and seven seats. However, Tesla has been charging $4,000 for the tiny kid-sized third row, on top of the Model Y's price being quite high for the first few years it was available.

With Tesla lowering the Model Y's price, the EV now being eligible for incentives, and a new $1,000 discount on the optional third row, it's time to revisit whether the seven-seat Model Y is worth considering at around ~$53,000 before taxes, fees, and incentives.

According to Fully Charged Show's US correspondent, Ricky Roy, who just bought a three-row Tesla Model Y for his family, it may be the most underrated EV. Roy believes EV shoppers could be overlooking a very compelling option. He goes so far as to say it's the most capable and well-rounded family car of any kind, but you have to make sure it will work for your family.

Fully Charged Show provides the following topics and timestamps to help you figure out if the three-row Model Y might be a good option for you and your family. Check out the whole video or focus on the topics that interest you most. Once you've taken it all in, let us know if you agree with Roy. Leave us your opinions in our comment section below.

  • 00:00 Tesla still on top
  • 00:47 Third row test
  • 1:28 A familiar face
  • 2:09 Software and driving impressions
  • 3:37 Insane storage!
  • 5:37 Headroom good, visibility bad
  • 6:18 Ultimate app integration
  • 7:10 The child test
  • 7:44 Some technical issues...
  • 9:47 The bottom line
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