REI, a well-known brand that has been in business since 1938, specializes in selling high-quality outdoor goods and equipment. Recreational Equipment, Inc., or REI, established a new bike brand called Co-op Cycles in 2016, which was founded by the company's cycling aficionados. Co-op Cycles now provides an extensive inventory of bikes, including commuters, mountain bikes, and even electric bicycles.

The CTY e2.2 stands out as a particularly attractive option among its impressive lineup of bikes. As its name suggests, this bike is particularly intended for city commuting, making it a great option for city dwellers looking for a dependable and efficient mode of transportation.The CTY e2.2 is brimming with features that set it apart from the competition. The bike is available in step-through or step-over frame configurations, as well as integrated lights, fenders, and a rear rack, making it suitable for all weather situations and excellent for transporting groceries or other cargo.

Check Out The Co-op Cycles CTY E2.2 Electric Commuter Bike

The CTY e2.2's frame is similar to that of a mountain bike and is made of 6061 aluminum. The design of the bike incorporates a rear rack that is directly welded to the frame, making it durable and long-lasting. The design is intended to give riders a comfortable and upright stance, improving ergonomic efficiency, particularly on prolonged rides. Riders can also adjust their position using the adjustable stem function. The bike weighs a respectable 24 kilos and can hold a total weight of up to 136 kilograms, including the rider and any luggage they may be carrying.

Co-op Cycles depends on Shimano technology for performance, employing a 250-watt E6100 mid-drive motor with a maximum torque of 60 Newton-meters. As a result, the CTY e2.2 is classified as a Class 1 e-bike, with pedal assistance up to 20 miles per hour. The bike includes three assist modes and a walk mode, which could prove useful in certain situations.

Check Out The Co-op Cycles CTY E2.2 Electric Commuter Bike
Check Out The Co-op Cycles CTY E2.2 Electric Commuter Bike

In terms of battery tech, the CTY e2.2 is powered by a Shimano E8010 504 Wh battery with an Abus lock for added security. The battery is detachable, so riders can charge it wherever they choose, and it takes around four hours to fully charge. When using pedal assist, Co-op Cycles claims that the bike can ride up to 50 miles on a single charge. 

The CTY e2.2 comes with a base price tag of $2,700 USD. REI, does, however, offer a broad selection of upgrades and accessories for individuals looking for extra features, such as saddlebags, mirrors, and top tube bags. These accessories are available at an additional cost. That being said, the CTY e2.2, as well as its wide selection of optional add-ons can be purchased via REI's website listed below.

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