Tesla finally released the long-anticipated Full Self-Driving beta version 11 software update recently. After a pause in updates, the newest version began to arrive, and now it has seen multiple point updates, which appear to make it markedly better. The new single stack has many added features to improve safety and functionality.

Prior to the release of Full Self-Driving beta version 11, Tesla had paused updates for some time to deal with a related recall issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Then, version 11.3 arrived and there have been quick point updates ever since, taking us to version 11.3.4, which appears to be the latest software update currently.

Tesla fans, owners, and investors have been eagerly awaiting version 11 since CEO Elon Musk began touting its release last year. This is because it marries the company's Autopilot technology with the Full Self-Driving system capabilities. 

Autopilot is standard in all Tesla vehicles. It's essentially a freeway and highway driving companion that helps steer, accelerate, and brake. In addition, it has typical advanced driver-assist systems, such as automatic emergency braking.

FSD comes at a steep and increasing price and adds city-driving functionality such that Tesla's EVs can essentially navigate on their own, with constant supervision, of course. The tech allows the cars to stop at lights and stop signs, turn corners, change lanes, etc., all with the close watch of the driver who must be ready to take over at a moment's notice.

As you're likely aware, Tesla uses free over-the-air software updates to fix bugs, improve its vehicles, and add features and functionality to its fleet. While the update system is super convenient, it almost seems as if it were specifically designed to make a system like FSD slowly become a reality. Tesla is able to keep tabs on all of its vehicles running the software and then release updates to improve it over time.

With all of that said, a site called not a tesla app that follows the software and provides notes and details about updates, released some information showing how the latest updates have made incredible progress in many ways.

According to not a tesla app via Teslarati, adding the FSD vision setup to the freeway and highway driving means the technology can perform more complex tasks, not rely on the lines so much, and behave more like a human. In addition, the cars appear to position themselves better in the lanes and handle turns and merging-type situations much more safely and seamlessly.

On top of the seemingly safer functionality, Tesla has also added some new and exciting features with the latest update. The first new feature is in response to the NHTSA recall mentioned above. It improves the way the technology handles intersections, especially those that are trickier thanks to yellow lights, flashing lights, or highway exits.

The second new feature puts Tesla in better control of the situation when it comes to users/beta testers. As the updates improve and fleetwide expansion continues, it's important for Tesla to ensure that drivers are using the technology as instructed. If you're testing FSD beta and misusing it, the company will be aware and able to suspend the features.

The recent point updates also add more of the usual improvements to the user interface, graphics, animation, etc. There are also new messages on the screen to tell the driver what the car is doing. Moreover, there are new features that let the driver control certain aspects of the technology, such as a "minimal lane changes" option.

As Tesla continues to provide updates to its FSD beta system, we'll share them here and provide various videos so you can see them in action. In the meantime, let us know your thoughts on Tesla FSD beta version 11 based on what you've seen and heard thus far.

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