When it comes to for-sport electric bicycles, high power outputs aren't typically expected. After all, e-bikes of this nature are designed to be the perfect blend of man and machine, so typically, a 250-watt system hits the spot. It's the perfect mid-way between weight and performance, too, with high-end motors like the TQ HPR50 making for impressive performance and substantial weight savings. 

Such is the case with the newest electric mountain bike from German e-bike specialist Rotwild. The R.X275 is the new self-proclaimed lightest full-suspension electric mountain bike, tipping the scales at just 15.3 kilograms. Indeed, this isn't just a claim, as Cory Benson from BikeRumor was actually able to test ride and even weigh this lightweight machine. In size large, it weighed in at just 15.86 kilograms – a figure that could put some high-end non-electric mountain bikes to shame. Be sure to read more about that in the BikeRumor story in the links below. 

German Bike Company Rotwild Releases Ultra-Lightweight E-MTB R.X275

Having said that, let's dive into this bike's tech details. Powering the new Rotwild R.X275 is none other than the TQ HPR50 drive system. This super compact e-bike system which makes use of a patented harmonic pin ring system is one of the lightest in the business, weighing in at just 1,850 grams. It's good for a continuous output of 250 watts, but Rotwild puts a little twist on the setup – literally. The R.X275 employs Zirbel's electronic grip shift, and repurposes it to a thumb switch that gives the motor a quick, 30-second boost.

German Bike Company Rotwild Releases Ultra-Lightweight E-MTB R.X275

When in boost mode, power is upped to 300 watts, allowing you to blast up steep and technical climbs without being too winded at the end. As for torque, the TQ HPR50 has no shortage of it, with the harmonic pin ring technology delivering 50 newton-meters of torque, in a smooth, silent manner. It's mated to a torque sensor so you can be assured that pedal assist is seamless and directly proportional to your input. 

When it comes to speccing out the bike, Rotwild offers the R.X275 in two flavors, both of which extremely expensive. The more "affordable" option is equipped with a Shimano XT groupset and Fox Performance Elite suspension hardware. It also rolls on DT XC 1700 LS eMTB wheels. The price? A sweet 9,500 Euros, or approximately $10,275 USD. Now, if all that tech just doesn't cut it for you, the R.X265 Ultra, equipped with Fox Factory kit, a Transfer SL dropper, and Shimano XTR groupset will set you back 12,500 Euros, or approximately $13,520 USD.  

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