Most electric bikes of today are designed with utility in mind. This is especially true in Europe's urban cities, where getting around by car is seen as impractical. The push for the adoption of electric bikes in recent years has resulted in countless people making the two-wheeled shift, and opting to ride electric bikes for their daily commutes. 

Unsurprisingly, this has brought a lot of new bikes in the market from both new and established brands alike. One of the more popular brands in Germany is Bergamont, and for the 2023 model year, the brand has updated its E-Sweep lineup with the launch of the Tour and Sport models. The two bikes are built on the same platform, and are designed to fill a variety of use cases ranging from daily commuting, mild cargo hauling, and even squeezing in a workout on your way to or from work. 

The E-Sweep Tour, offered in green, and the E-Sweep Sport, finished in an orange color scheme, are both priced starting at 3,399 Euros, or the equivalent of about $3,657 USD. Both models are built on a 6061 aluminum alloy frame, and sport a battery pack that's sleekly hidden within the down tube. Indeed, at a glance, it can be all too easy to miss the fact that this is actually an electric bicycle

German E-Bike Specialist Bergamont Presents E-Sweep Model Range

On the performance side of things, Bergamont has equipped the E-Sweep with the Mahle X35+, a punch yet efficient electric motor with 250 watts. Similarly, the battery has a capacity of 250 watt-hours. Although Bergamont doesn't have any claimed range figures for the bike, the system should be good for about 50 to 60 miles on a single charge, depending on riding conditions, of course. Overall, the e-bike system is kept rather lightweight, with the battery accounting for just 3.5 kilograms of the bike's 17.5-kilogram total weight. 

German E-Bike Specialist Bergamont Presents E-Sweep Model Range

The Tour and Sport models are differentiated only by the components featured in each. For starters, the Sport model is equipped with a road-focused Shimano Claris drivetrain with a total of eight gears to choose from. Meanwhile, the Tour model is outfitted with a ten-speed Shimano Deore system designed for mountain bikes. Both models are equipped with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. Additionally, the bikes can also be outfitted with optional extras from the factory such as luggage racks, fenders, and other practical add-ons.

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