Another day brings more news about a new all-electric model that will get a complimentary fast charging package, which is a tool to attract more buyers.

The 2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 is not an exception and, through an agreement between Hyundai and Electrify America, this new electric sedan will come with two years of unlimited 30-minute complimentary charging sessions from the date of purchase at Electrify America’s network of DC fast chargers.

That's quite a valuable addition to the model, which can easily handle long-distance travel. It has an EPA combined range of up to 361 miles (581 km) and can fast charge from 10 to 80 percent of state-of-charge in just 18 minutes (in optimum conditions and when an ultra-fast charger is available).

Almost two years ago, Hyundai and Electrify America prepared a similar package for the Hyundai Ioniq 5 model, while the Hyundai Kona Electric gets only 250 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of energy credit.

Currently, all three of Hyundai's BEVs are getting a complimentary fast charging package, which should help to attract customers on one hand, but also familiarize them with the Electrify America charging network of 800 stations.

We can be pretty sure that this type of partnership between Hyundai and Electrify America will continue and most likely will include future models.

Rob Barrosa, vice president of technology, Electrify America said:

“We are excited for a third collaboration with Hyundai to offer customers hyper-fast charging experiences to EV owners. We look forward to helping advance the electric vehicle revolution with leading automakers such as Hyundai and their latest IONIQ 6 model.”

Olabisi Boyle, vice president of product planning and mobility strategy at Hyundai Motor North America, said:

“Our investment in the 800V eGMP platform that enables DC fast charging aligned with customer research that our customers expect fast charging (10-80% in 18 mins) and high AER (361 miles). Our customer’s experience is further enhanced by our extended partnership with EA that provides complimentary access to the fastest charging network.”

“The best-in-class and ultra-fast charging IONIQ 6 allows our customers to enjoy a fun EV driving experience. The extended partnership with Electrify America continues to provide our customers convenient and complimentary access to the fastest charging, especially on long-distance trips.”

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