Electric scooters are advancing rapidly when it comes to technology and performance. I remember when electric scooters were just starting to catch on, and I was already impressed with models with an output of up to 500 watts. Well, the scooter we have here today pumps out more than twice that, so let's take a closer look, shall we?

Those of you who are familiar with high-performance electric scooters will likely be familiar with Apollo. The brand thrust itself into the high-power e-scooter game with the Phantom which launched in 2021. Now, for the 2023 model-year, the new and improved Phantom brings a slew of performance-focused updates to the table. Apart from improving power, Apollo also took extra steps to make sure that the new Phantom handles really well too – something that's super important given just how much power this scooter has on tap. 

Apollo Releases 2023 Phantom High-Power Electric Scooter

Indeed, in the case of the 2023 Phantom, controllability is the name of the game, and this is evidenced by both big and small updates bestowed on the scooter. For starters, the scooter now has a larger throttle paddle, making it easier for riders to open up the accelerator even with gloves on. Like all scooters, this throttle is found on the right side of the handlebar. However, the Phantom also features another throttle mechanism on the left side of the bar, and this is used to dial in precise engine braking levels for much more controlled stops. 

The scooter's running gear is equally impressive, with quad-suspension providing damping on both ends. The two-wheeler rolls on 10-inch tires designed to offer a more comfortable ride on city streets. Overall, the Phantom is by no means a lightweight two-wheeler, tipping the scales at 77 pounds (35 kilograms). However, you could certainly say that it needs this weight to maintain stability at high speeds.

Apollo Releases 2023 Phantom High-Power Electric Scooter

Speaking of speed, the 2023 Apollo Phantom can go as fast a 41 miles per hour when put in "Ludo Mode," which is clearly a reference to Tesla's Ludicrous Mode. To do this, the controller demands up to 1,200 watts of power from the motor on each wheel. Yes, the Apollo Phantom is an all-wheel drive scooter. In terms of battery tech, the Apollo Phantom is fitted with a massive 52-volt battery pack with a capacity of 1,788 watt-hours. Apart from contributing to the scooter's low-slung weight, it also offers a claimed range of up to 40 miles on a single charge. 

When it comes to pricing and availability, the 2023 Apollo Phantom commands quite a premium, starting at $2,299 USD. The scooter is now available for order via Apollo's official website linked below. 

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