Tesla is up against yet another lawsuit from an owner, and it was filed as a class action. Essentially, the owner is unhappy about the high price of service, maintenance, repairs, and parts. The owner points out that, unlike other automakers, Tesla doesn't offer multiple options or the use of parts produced by other companies.

Everything is expensive today, and getting a car fixed is likely more expensive than ever before, at least in many cases. Parts are scarce, workers are scarce, and technology brings fancy new features and gadgets, that may be fantastic when they're working correctly, but can lead to costly repairs. That said, Tesla has its own unique service situation, and some owners aren't happy with how it often plays out.

According to a recent article published by Teslarati, Tesla Model S owner Virginia M. Lambrix filed a class action lawsuit this week in San Francisco federal court. The lawsuit claims that owners of non-Tesla vehicles may have multiple options when it comes to repairs and maintenance. They may even be able to do the work themselves, using either OEM parts or aftermarket substitutes made by other companies. However, this isn't the case with Tesla.

Tesla performs its own service and maintenance using its own parts. It also relies on certified collision repair shops to handle larger repairs typically related to traffic accidents, though some Tesla Service Centers are also handling such repairs. The certified shops must order parts from Tesla, as there is no other option.

As you may know, Tesla owners often share on social media and in related forums that repairs can be time-consuming and expensive. Parts can take an extended period of time to get to service centers and certified Tesla repair shops, and Tesla owners typically don't have another option. They must wait for the parts and the sometimes lengthy repair process and hefty bill.

The lawsuit aims to prove that Tesla has developed a monopoly that negatively impacts the owners of its EVs. The Tesla owner who filed the suit believes that the company should not be allowed to put such strict limits and restrictions on parts and service, such that owners could weigh and exercise various options, when necessary. 

As high demand continues for Tesla's vehicles, it has been working to speed up service and improve the overall service situation, which has argubaly been a thorn in the company's side for years now. However, Tesla hasn't offered owners other options like those of competing automakers.

According to the language in the filing, this means Tesla owners have to deal with “lengthy delays in repairing or maintaining their electric vehicles” and “pay supracompetitive prices for those parts and repairs once they are finally provided.”

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