The Ford F-150 Lightning was America's best-selling pickup truck last year with 15,617 units sold, and it had a good start of the year in 2023 with 3,600 sales in the first two months. 

As more owners take delivery of their F-150 Lightnings across the US, it goes without saying that it will be harder for their vehicles to stand out among the many F-150 Lightning trucks already delivered, not to mention the sea of gas-powered F-150s.

We're pretty sure the owner of the F-150 Lightning showcased in the video above won’t have this problem, though. Our colleague Domenick Yoney, the host of the InsideEVs Podcast and InsideEVs Forum moderator, spotted it at the Ford dealer in Wacaunda, Illinois, where he bought his used 2018 Tesla Model 3 from. 

As the video shows, this highly personalized F-150 Lightning prepped for delivery was pretty hard to miss for someone walking past it because almost everything on it is customized.

Starting with the exterior, it features a two-tone paintwork combining white and red, retry-styled wheels in a chrome finish, a lift kit, chrome door handles, aftermarket running boards also in a chrome look, and chrome side mirror caps. The vehicle also features red-painted closed-off grille and tailgate.


The red and white theme carries over inside where the F-150 Lightning features quilted leather seats and a center console armrest in the same color combination. No other interior modifications are visible in this video.

You wouldn't know by looking at it, but this F-150 Lightning is a base Pro work truck, which starts at $57,869 according to the current prices listed on Ford's website – it used to start at just over $40,000 when it launched in May 2021.  

While we don't know the starting MSRP the owner paid for this truck – Ford has increased prices several times now – Domenick learned that the truck set the owner back around $67,000, including the exterior and interior upgrades.

Do you think it was money well spent? Like it or not, this F-150 Lightning Pro will clearly stand out among other F-150 Lightning trucks, which was probably exactly what the owner wanted when speccing it like this. 

As a reminder, the Ford F-150 Lightning Pro comes with the 98-kWh Standard Range battery pack enabling 240 miles of range and packs a dual-motor AWD powertrain rated at 452 horsepower and 775 pound-feet of torque.

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