Tesla's event organized yesterday at its new global engineering headquarters in Palo Alto, California had a surprise visitor – the Cybertruck.

A prototype of the all-electric pickup truck was spotted by participants at the event attended by California Governor Gavin Newsom and Tesla CEO Elon Musk as it embarked on what looked like an impromptu "off-roading" session.

EV enthusiasts at The Kilowatts and What's Inside YouTube channels were on the spot and managed to capture photos and footage of the Tesla Cybertruck's attempt at climbing over a grassy incline outside the company's new engineering headquarters.

The videos show the Cybertruck with its suspension raised in the highest setting, just like in the low-quality video that took the internet by storm earlier this week. Several Tesla employees can be seen around the pickup truck before the "off-road trial" begins, with some of them appearing to guide the driver over the curb.

Obviously, the Cybertruck did okay and reached the top of the incline, parking alongside a red Tesla Model Y. Since the normal access ramp seemed to be occupied by parked vehicles, this entire "off-roading" session was necessary to park the Cybertruck in a photo-friendly position next to the other Tesla vehicles on display.


People are understandably excited about seeing the Tesla Cybertruck in action in any type of setting, and while this video shows only a tiny fraction of the model's capability off the beaten track, it's better than no video at all.

The Cybertruck's air suspension has caught the attention of Tesla and EV fans in recent days after a short clip of the electric truck driving around with the suspension fully raised up did the rounds online. 

The EV's air suspension is developed to deal with both on- and off-road conditions, likely offering drivers a selection of ride height levels that can be manually activated. In addition, the Cybertruck's suspension system will probably offer an automatic setting that works without any input from the driver. 

In 2020, Elon Musk said Tesla was working on increasing the air suspension's travel for better off-roading, as well as closely integrating it with the Full Self-Driving computer (FSD2) so that it acts automatically and adjusts the height and damping on the fly.

Tesla is expected to start initial production of the Cybertruck this summer, with mass volume scheduled for 2024. 

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