Tesla hasn't done much to hide the Cybertruck, as it doesn't typically do that with its vehicles. However, there are still many mysteries, such as the final design, features, pricing, etc. Now it appears Tesla may have teased the Cybertruck's frame being lifted by a robot, suggesting early production is already underway.

Tesla recently posted a video on LinkedIn for the Valentine's Day holiday. While it could simply be the folks at Tesla having a little fun amid some recruiting, it could also be a hidden suggestion from the automaker. Sadly, since Tesla is typically tight-lipped about its happenings and plans, we may never know.

The US EV maker's Valentine's Day video is about "Robot Dating," and it's actually a recruiting video of sorts, and doesn't mention anything about the Tesla Cybertruck. The subtitle reads, "Find your perfect match in Robotics," and contains a link to Tesla's Careers page showing all jobs related to Robotics.

Words don't really do the video justice, so we suggest you take a minute to watch it. However, we will share that it begins with some arguably romantic music while showing various robots introducing themselves as if they are on a dating show or dating app. The robots are supposed to appear to be talking during vehicle production.


According to a recent article published by Electrek, Tesla's Valentine's Day video may briefly reveal the Tesla Cybertruck's frame. One of the robots – Joey 2000 – is shown carrying what seems to be a massive frame that doesn't appear to be the frame of any of Tesla's current EVs.

Joey 2000 is the second dating robot revealed, and the potential Cybertruck frame is shown starting just 11 seconds into the video. Interestingly, Joey says that he's always working out and can lift 40,000 pounds no problem.

Electrek goes on to say that the size and configuration of the frame shown in the video seem to be a good match for the Cybertruck. It also adds that robots look like they're at Giga Texas, which is where Tesla will produce the electric pickup truck. 

For all we know, Tesla could have just produced the silly video for fun and to get people's attention on its recruiting efforts. However, it could have also been published to continue generating talk and speculation about the upcoming Cybertruck and to indirectly keep us apprised about the ongoing progress of Cybertruck production efforts.

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