Yet another Tesla Cybertruck has been seen out in public, and this particular example is generating lots of conversation. This is because each time another Cybertruck is spotted in the wild, Tesla fans, owners, and investors begin sleuthing to find what's new, what's the same, and what has clearly changed.

It's beginning to seem like there's a new Tesla Cybertruck spotted in the wild nearly every day, and none of them look quite like the behemoth at the top of the page. To be clear, many of these are not "new," but rather, working prototypes that Tesla may be "tweaking." CEO Elon Musk recently made it clear that Tesla still has some tweaking to do, so we won't see the final design quite yet.

Hopefully, Tesla will reveal the official and final Cybertruck design at its upcoming Investor Day, but I wouldn't hold my breath. Now that Musk seems to be leaning more on "next year" for the truck to really head into large-scale production, there's honestly no hurry.

At any rate, the "NEW CYBERTRUCK SIGHTING," was posted by Greg (@greggertruck) on Twitter. He points out that there's so much to take in, and at first glance, we agree.


As you can see, the Cybertruck appears more compact and lower to the ground than others we've seen, though it's more than likely the tight image and the angle misleading the eyes. While it's supposed to be a "new" Cybertruck prototype, it has the huge wiper blade that Musk said was going away, and other recent examples don't have it. To top it off, it has a revamped front end and lighting.

It's important to note that we've read all sorts of comments about new versus old prototypes, original and alpha versus beta prototypes, and production-intent versus production ready, etc. Half the time, it seems people aren't really sure what they're seeing or what they're talking about, rather, they're just trying to make some sense of it all. Until Tesla actually verifies anything, it's all mere speculation.

With all of that said, the Cybertruck in the most recent image above may be a new beta prototype. It has the new triangular side mirrors, which Musk has noted can be removed by the owner. It also has a different light bar setup, which appears to be more similar to that of the original unveiling. 

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