The Tesla Cybertruck is set to come to market soon, but we still don't have official details from Tesla about the final design or the price. There was talk about making the production electric truck a bit smaller than what was revealed years ago, but it seemed Tesla may have decided against that. Now, spy shots reveal off-road tires in the Cybertruck's bed, which may help people size it up.

While most people who fell in love with the Cybertruck were likely shocked by its wild design, the potential specs were also quite impressive. Since the electric pickup truck was first unveiled, a few capable electric trucks came to market, including the Ford F-150 Lightning, GMC Hummer EV, and Rivian R1T. Now that Tesla has some competition that's not just on paper, it would arguably be very important for it to deliver on capabilities and price.

The average EV owner may not care to a huge extent how much the Cybertruck can tow, or the exact figures regarding its payload capacity and cargo volume. However, if the truck is smaller or less capable than they'd imagined in any way, they might be taken aback, especially if Tesla also significantly increases the behemoth's price.

Thankfully, while Elon Musk and the folks at Tesla are dragging their feet and not providing answers, folks in the Tesla community have been seeking out Cybertruck prototypes and snapping images and videos to share on social media. The spy shots have answered some questions, though Musk says Tesla is still making "small tweaks," so don't hold your breath.


In addition to the video above, Drive Tesla Canada was able to get some shots of a Cybertruck prototype with several large, off-road tires in the bed. The publication's recent video (above) showed the latest beta production version, which was confirmed by Musk. However, the publication explains that the images below appear to be of one of the previous prototypes. 


As you can see, it has the old side mirrors, though it also has the new wheels. In one of the images, there's a person standing very near the Cybertruck, and another inside the cabin leaning out. This helps us with a bit of perspective pertaining to the electric truck's size, though the eight large off-road tires in the Cybertruck's bed are what got the photographer's attention.

While we have no way to know for sure, the off-road tires in the bed are likely the 35-inch variety that were fitted to the original Cybertruck prototype. If we assume that's true, it gives us an idea about the amount of space inside the box.

According to Tesla, the Cybertruck is supposed to have a 6.5-foot bed, which Teslarati notes is larger than any other current electric truck's bed. The Rivian R1T has a 4.6-foot bed, the Hummer EV's is 5 feet, and the F-150 Lightning's comes in at 5.5 feet.

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