Eovolt is an e-bike specialist from France that makes charming folding e-bikes and city bikes for on-the-go folks. At present, it has three models called the Morning, Afternoon, and Evening, though their names don't necessarily mean that they can only be ridden in certain times of the day.

Up until 2023, Eovolt's model range made use of a rather rudimentary cadence sensor, which despite making the bikes more affordable, resulted in quite a jerky pedal assist intervention. Now, for the 2023 model year, all the bikes in Eovolt's model rage have been updated to feature a much more contemporary torque sensor. This gives the motor the ability to provide assistance in a less intrusive manner, depending on the pedal force of the rider.

French E-Bike Brand Eovolt Updates Model Range With New Torque Sensor

As it would turn out, the addition of torque-sensing technology not only resulted in a smoother ride, but in a more efficient bike altogether. Thanks to the torque sensor, Eovolt was able to reduce some weight by fitting a slightly smaller battery into the bikes, while still retaining decent range figures. This is because pedal assistance is tailored to the input of the rider, as against to having a constant output with a cadence sensor. 

Diving into things in a little bit more detail, the most accessible bike in Eovolt's lineup is the Morning, which features a compact design. It rolls on 16-inch wheels and has a folding frame for convenient storage and transport via car or train. It gets a 230-watt-hour battery pack with a claimed range of up to 31 miles. It's also the lightest of the bunch, tipping the scales at just 16.5 kilograms. It retails for the equivalent of $2,174 USD. 

French E-Bike Brand Eovolt Updates Model Range With New Torque Sensor
French E-Bike Brand Eovolt Updates Model Range With New Torque Sensor

Up next, the Afternoon is a slightly bigger bike, and more ideal for longer journeys. It rolls on 20 inch wheels, and just like the Morning, has a folding frame. For 2023, it gets a new suspension fork, which along with the smaller 378-watt-hour battery, makes it 2.1 kilograms lighter than before at 20.9 kilograms. According to Eovolt, thanks to the torque sensor, the Afternoon can still achieve range of up to 50 miles, despite the smaller battery pack. It retails for the equivalent of $2,658 USD. 

Last but not least, the Evening, which is the newest model in Eovolt's lineup, sets itself apart with a non-folding frame and 24-inch wheels. It does, however, get fold-down handlebars for more convenient storage. Just like the Afternoon, it's packing a downsized battery with a capacity of 378-watt-hours as against the previous 504. It also has a claimed range of 50 miles per charge, and retails for the equivalent of $2,658 USD. 

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