Magicycle is a fairly new e-bike brand that specializes in fat-tired all-terrain e-bikes. Despite its fledgling status, the brand has managed to launch quite a number of impressive models known for their power, robustness, and affordability. Based out of Chongqing China, the company’s newest model is sure to be a hit among off-road enthusiasts looking for a powerful electric bike.

It’s called the Deer, and just like the animal it’s trying to emulate, this e-bike is bulky, powerful, and capable of going pretty much anywhere. It is indeed the most premium model in the brand’s lineup, and is described as the “SUV of the e-bike world.” Does it have the goods to back it up? Well, let’s take a closer look.

Magicycle Presents The Deer, A Fat-Tire Full-Suspension E-Bike

For starters, the Magicycle Deer is no featherweight. Tipping the scales at 42 kilograms, it’s quite a heavyweight, and it certainly looks the part. That being said, a standard 250-watt motor just won’t cut it. That’s why Magicycle has fitted the Deer with a powerful hub motor with a nominal output of 750 watts. Said motor peaks out at 1,100 watts, and a max torque output of 96 Nm. This results in a top speed of 28 miles per hour in full-power pedal assist mode. There’s also a thumb throttle for those who want to treat this thing like an electric motorbike, however, it only allows speeds up to 20 miles per hour.

As for battery tech, we’re looking at a 52V, 20-Ah battery pack integrated into the bike’s downtube. The battery has a total capacity of 1,040 watt-hours, meaning an estimated range of around 80 miles to a charge, provided to you stick it into the lowest power setting. No need to worry though, as you can instantly see all the settings you’ve configured via the full-color screen on the handlebars.

Another thing worth noting is the Deer’s robust configuration. Unlike other models in Magicycle’s arsenal, the Deer doesn’t rely solely on fat tires to go anywhere. It also features a full-suspension configuration, meaning it’s more than willing to go deep into the wilderness—provided you don’t run out of juice. There’s also a built in fenders and a rear luggage rack for even more practicality. Oh, it’s also available in a step-through frame configuration—not too common for a full-suspension bike.

As for the components that make this e-bike a bike, Magicycle has thrown in a seven-speed drivetrain, should you wish to pedal alongside the powerful 1,100-watt motor. The bike doesn’t use a torque sensor either, instead relying on a more rudimentary cadence sensor, so expect the pedal assist to have an on-and-off feel, especially in higher power settings.

Nevertheless, the Magicycle Deer presents itself at a fraction of the cost of other premium electric full-suspension bikes in the market. The price? Only $2,699 USD. Furthermore, the bike is currently offered with a $300 discount when using the coupon code NA300 via Magicycle’s official website linked in the sources below.

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