Back in the day, the idea of bike packing was something that took quite a lot of thought and planning. Getting on your bike and hitting the road meant that you needed the right bike, of course, as well as the right luggage and accessories to get you through the journey. On top of that, you’d need to plan for lodging, where to stop for food, and so much more.

These days, with all the funky new electric bicycles available in the market, bike packing is essentially a plug-and-go affair. Cargo e-bikes have made it incredibly easy to just stuff all your things in and go. Sure, you’re still going to have to plan for food stops and whatnot, but with a machine like the SpaceCamperBike, you can now set up camp right on your bike, under the stars.

If SpaceCamper is a name you’re familiar with, that’s because the firm has been around since 2005, and has become famous for its Volkswagen bus camper conversions both at home in Germany and internationally. As it would turn out, SpaceCamper’s founder, Ben Wawra, is an avid cyclist and outdoorsman, and saw an opportunity in the rapidly growing e-bike segment. It just so happens that SpaceCamper’s co-founder, Markus Riese, is also the founder of famous cargo e-bike brand Riese & Muller. So it should come as no surprise at all that the SpaceCamperBike is based on the Riese & Muller Load 75 cargo bike.

The SpaceCamperBike Wants To Be The Ultimate Camper E-Bike

On its own, the Load 75 is already quite the impressive cargo bike, and SpaceCamper’s capabilities turn it up to eleven. For starters, the cargo bay has been modified to become either a recliner for you to chill out on, or a full-on bed for you to sleep on at night. During the day, you can simply fold the whole setup up and use the cargo bay to haul groceries, supplies, and even your kids to school.

Furthermore, the bike’s handlebar can fold down and be fitted with a table attachment, turning your bike into a mobile workstation. If sleeping exposed to the elements isn’t your cup of tea, the SpaceCamperBike can be fitted with a tarp that attaches to the bike’s frame, turning the whole setup into a little tent.

The SpaceCamperBike Wants To Be The Ultimate Camper E-Bike

Now, as of this writing, pricing and availability of the SpaceCamperBike has yet to be announced. That said, you can almost be certain that it’s going to be more expensive than a standard Riese & Muller Load 75—which in itself is nearly as expensive as a car. You see, the Load 75 starts at $12,389 USD, and can go all the way up to $15,189 USD, depending on the trim level of your choosing. Given how much technology SpaceCamper brings to the table, chances are that the SpaceCamperBike will command close to $20,000 USD.

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