Tesla has had a tumultuous start of the year when it comes to its pricing strategy, with the company making its cars significantly cheaper in its key markets of North America, China and Europe.

Even after those massive price cuts were announced, the EV maker has continued to make adjustments, most recently applying a $500 price increase on the Model Y Long Range in the United States.

Is this the sign Tesla is starting to raise its prices again after the cuts? No one knows, but word got out of a fresh discount the company is offering on its Model S and Model X in the US.

Teslarati reports that Tesla is now offering an additional discount of $3,000 or free Supercharging for three years with the purchase of new Model S and Model X EVs. Mind you, the promotion only applies to Tesla owners who trade in an existing car.

The automaker is reportedly reaching out to some current owners in the hope of convincing them to trade in their Tesla for a new Model S or Model X offered with a $3,000 discount or three years of free Supercharging. Obviously, customers have to choose between the price discount or the complimentary Supercharging – they can't have both.

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Several owners who recently contacted Tesla to purchase new vehicles through trade-in value requests or test drives reportedly received follow-up phone calls from an Ownership Loyalty Team member offering them either a $3,000 discount or free Supercharging.

A $3,000 discount on top of the recent price cuts applied to the Model S and Model X looks like a great deal, as long as the appraised price for the traded-in vehicle is consistent with the market value.

It's worth noting that this is a limited-time offer, so you should hurry up if you want to get it. In an email to a customer, Tesla representatives said the $3,000 discount or free supercharger miles are available on trade-ins as long as the order is placed soon. They said the offer expires in February but didn't specify the exact date.

Tesla's push to increase sales figures early in the first quarter of this year may signal a change of strategy compared to the end-of-quarter pushes that it has accustomed us with in the past.

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