StoreDot is developing EV batteries of the future with promises that they'll not only charge incredibly quickly, but also have high energy density, incredible longevity, and true commercial viability. The company's Extreme Fast-Charging (XFC) EV battery cells are now being used and tested by over 15 global automotive brands.

StoreDot's XFC batteries may seem like yet another battery breakthrough that isn't going to come to fruition, or one that will take many years to be applicable in electric passenger vehicles. However, as we previously reported, the battery tech has already been tested by a third party and proven to work as advertised. 

Many battery breakthroughs have undergone successful third-party testing, and that's even the case with some solid-state batteries, though they're not expected to come to market for many years. However, in this case, following the third-party testing, StoreDot is actively looking for potential partnerships this year, It already has more than 15 competing automakers on board with testing. If all goes as planned, StoreDot will mass-produce the cells for use in EVs next year (2024).

According to Green Car Congress, the automotive manufacturers testing StoreDot's XFC batteries are leading companies out of the US, Asia, and Europe. Early tests already confirm that the batteries can accept enough energy in just five minutes to provide 100 miles of driving range.

StoreDot has also guaranteed that the pouch cells can handle 1,000 extreme fast-charging sessions with no battery degradation. In the initial third-party testing, it was confirmed that StoreDot's XFC EV batteries also lead the sector in energy density at 300 Wh/kg.

Based on information from StoreDot's future roadmap, this is just the beginning. While it has already been proven that the EV battery cells can accept enough energy in five minutes for 100 miles of travel, the company will dial that down to three minutes by 2028 and two minutes by 2032.

StoreDot has already received investments from multiple global automotive manufacturers, such as Volvo, Daimler, Polestar, VinFast, and Ola Electric.

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