Today we came across a new video with a Tesla electric car that drove through the water that was covering the streets.

The attempt completely surprised people that were reporting on the site about the flooded area, as it was not considered the right thing to do, not even in an electric car.

The water might be too deep and it's unpredictable what is under the surface - including open drains or some obstacles.

Nonetheless, people were laughing to see that the car proceeded - actually only to some point, after which it turned back, probably hitting a curb.

Well, Tesla CEO Elon Musk saw the clip as well and tweeted "The Car Aquatic."


Of course, Tesla does not recommend driving through water, because, besides the direct danger of hitting something, there might be issues with the car in the future (if it stayed too long in the water for particular seals). Dirty and potentially smelly water is also not something that we would like to apply to the undercarriage or to the inside of the car.

Other than that, the car should be fine. Electric cars are noticeably better when driving through water than ordinary internal combustion engine cars because they do not have air intakes for the engine or an exhaust pipe to worry about.

We already saw many videos of electric cars driving through water, but the real tsunami is probably ahead of us, once the Tesla Cybertruck hits the market - the upcoming electric pickup is expected to be a pretty strong contender in wading, as Elon Musk said in 2020 that the vehicle might even float for a while.

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