It seems that everyday, a new and exciting product is introduced that makes mobility more practical and convenient for people all over the world. From huge trucks, to ultra-efficient electric cars, to pint-sized e-scooters, the e-mobility industry as a whole is growing faster than many of us had imagined in the past. 

With the Consumer Electronics Show in Nevada set to happen from January 6 to 8, 2023, brands from all over the world are ready to showcase what they have to offer when it comes to creating a more connected future. One such product is this funky looking electric bike from Japanese startup ICOMA. It's called the Tatamel bike, and it can transform from a suitcase-sized box, into a (more or less) full-size e-bike. Clearly designed as a last-mile alternative to walking or taking public transportation, the Tatamel Bike is undeniably cute, and will certainly come in handy for folks strapped for space. 

Indeed, when folded, the Tatamel Bike can easily fit in the back of a small car (as shown in the video above), though be sure to watch out for your back, as this thing weighs in at 110 pounds. You could even store it under your desk, or in the corner of your garage or living room. While a concept like this may not be applicable to folks living in the suburbs with vast, sprawling roadways, it'll certainly be a handy gadget for shuttling around crowded business districts, closely knit neighborhoods, or large complexes like schools and office buildings. 

As for the bike itself, it rolls on tiny 10-inch wheels, and is powered by a hub-integrated motor with an output of 600 watts. It doesn't get any pedals, so you're limited to the capabilities of the electric motor. Nevertheless, it's claimed to hit a top speed of 25 miles per hour. As for range, ICOMA claims up to 18 miles out of a single charge of the 12-Ah, 51V battery pack. There's even a nifty USB charging port for you to power up your mobile devices. To make things even better, ICOMA offers it with an optional AC output, so you can run other devices like your laptop, a TV, and maybe even a coffee maker. 

It's when we talk about price that I'm sure a lot of interested folks would turn away from the Tatamel Bike. At $4,000, it's pretty expensive, even if it's a fringe, novelty machine that's practical and fun to ride. Surely, the Tatamel is more of a toy than an actual e-mobility solution, but the concept could definitely pave the way for more mass-market products in the future. 

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