In a recent interview, General Motors' president Mark Reuss went over what he believes to be several misconceptions buyers and manufacturers have about EVs.

Speaking with Business Insider, Reuss first discussed hybrids. A lot of people still think they are the best option and a good stepping stone. Automakers like Toyota are still heavily invested in hybrids and continue to prioritize them over fully electric vehicles (of Toyota's 20+ worldwide models, only one is all-electric - the bZ4X). Reuss believes they are unnecessary in 2022 and insisted GM has no plans to dilute its investment into electrification with hybrids.

GM's last hybrid, the Chevy Volt, was discontinued in 2019. However, despite Reuss' comments, a hybrid version of the C8 Corvette will be unveiled next year. Still, it will be sold in limited numbers and GM's commitment towards fully electric vehicles is undoubtedly clear to see.

While manufacturers like Ford divide their ICE and electric divisions, Reuss thinks it's best for them to coexist. He noted how different departments should not be segregated and that he wants employees to be able to go back and forth sharing ideas.

Reuss also went over concerns that EVs will overload the grid. He stated that GM is already working to solve this issue and mentioned vehicle-to-vehicle charging and sending unused energy back to the grid during peak hours as possible solutions. 

He also addressed charging-industry consolidation. A lot of charging startups have emerged in recent years, however now many are merging together. He doesn't think it's a bad thing and believes partnerships are important for delivering adequate charging infrastructure. 

Reuss said it was frustrating that buyers are deterred from buying EVs due to the charging experience. Although he admitted it's not perfect, he stated that GM's EVs are designed to go as far as its ICE vehicles. Plus the majority of charging is done at home overnight, with most EV owners having to rely on public infrastructure only occasionally.

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