We've known for a time that Tesla and CEO Elon Musk are actively looking for a location for another factory. We also recently learned that the US EV maker may be favoring North America as the location. While previous reports suggested that Canada may be the spot, it appears Tesla will be building its next factory in Mexico.

Of course, we always have to take these reports as what they are, simply reports from people familiar with the matter, or assumptions based on key details that get revealed, such as alleged "talks," completed paperwork or contracts, and/or the purchase of land.

At any rate, based on a recent article published by Electrek, Tesla has reportedly acquired land in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The report goes on to suggest that the automaker will actually come forward with an official announcement very soon, stating that it's planning on building its next factory there.

We previously reported about a border crossing between the US and Mexico that has had a special lane reserved for "Tesla" since earlier in 2022. Upon figuring out what the story was, the publication gleaned that Tesla made an earlier deal with Nuevo Leon to establish the special Tesla-crossing lane to make it easier for the company to take cargo across. Electrek makes it clear that the details were revealed by Nuevo Leon's Secretary of Economy of the State, Ivan Rivas. 

CEO Elon Musk said in the past that Tesla is looking at the US, Canada, and Mexico as potential options for a new factory site. Electrek reports that there were rumors of a meeting in Mexico back in October, which were confirmed. They were allegedly specific to the city of Santa Catarina, which is located in the state of Nuevo Leon.

Fast-forward to the present, and a local media company in Mexico has reported that Tesla made a deal for a new factory, and it will be revealed early next year. The source claimed via Electrek, which translated the statement:

"Tesla will come to Santa Catarina. The investment will be finalized in the coming weeks; after the end of the year it will be announced. The commitment is that it must be completed immediately after the start of 2023. We know that it will generate employment and it will be located in the only area available, which is the west of that municipality. It is not possible to inform more, because there is a confidentiality contract."

To be clear, while it seems Tesla will likely open a factory in Mexico at some point, there are no details about the facility. While it could produce EVs, it could also just produce batteries, or perhaps both.

This is a developing story. If more details become available, we'll either update this article or publish another.

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