The initial batch of Tesla Model X Plaid SUVs has been delivered to customers in Germany, making good on the American manufacturer’s claims from August 2022.

Photos and videos of happy customers have emerged on social media, confirming that Tesla started delivering both the Model X Plaid and Model S Plaid in Europe. Previously, we wrote about big cargo trains and trucks filled with Elon Musk’s American-made EVs, ferrying them around the Old Continent as quickly as possible, in a push to maximize deliveries before the end of the year.

This rush is explained by Tesla’s goal to deliver a whopping 1.4 million vehicles worldwide this year, which translates to a 50% year-to-year increase in deliveries. To make this happen, the American brand needs to get almost half a million cars to customers in the fourth quarter (Q4) alone.


Some analysts see this as an impossible feat, but this doesn’t mean Tesla won’t try. And the fact that it kept its promise of starting European deliveries in November or December shows it’s doing things the right way. It has already reported a record Q3, and hopes are high for the end of the year. Its market share in the North American market remains relatively low, however, at around 3.3%.

Getting back to the German customers getting their long-awaited EVs, the Ich fahre elektrisch YouTube channel already posted a live video with a registered and public road-ready Model X Plaid in white. As you can see, the owner is pretty pleased with his purchase.

Twitter user Berlinergy posted photos of the encounter, saying that the owner of the white Model X “got a call around noon that a trailer had just arrived and if he could pick it up right away in Hannover.”

Another video, posted on the Autogefuhl YouTube channel shows a brand-new, European-spec Model S Plaid that was delivered earlier this month in Germany. In fact, we have an article on that video review, so go check it out.

What’s your take on this end-of-year rush - do you think Tesla will be able to ship roughly 500,000 cars this last quarter? Let us know in the comments.

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