We'll be honest to say right up front that this is one of those articles where you read the headline and think perhaps it's a neat story, but it can't really be that big of a deal. Well, think again. We clicked on the video of the "massive" Tesla delivery train and couldn't believe how long it keeps going and going and going.

When you first see the image of the Tesla EVs on the train, you can probably imagine there being many more beyond what the picture reveals. However, that's a huge understatement. In fact, the person filming the moving train must continue filming for a full 45 seconds to capture all the Teslas on the train. Perhaps you can count them. 


The end of the quarter and the end of 2022 are literally right around the corner. We already know Tesla will post record production and deliveries this year. The company has already far exceeded numbers from 2021, and the goal is to show 50 percent year-over-year growth. As far as we can tell, the US electric automaker is pulling out all the stops to make that happen.

During the end of each quarter, and especially at the end of the year, we commonly receive images of car haulers taking Tesla vehicles to various locations. We've actually seen a few on the road ourselves, and while it is "news," it's not really that exciting anymore. However, this is the first time we've seen a video of a train loaded with Teslas, and we're honest to say it surprised us, perhaps even more than it should have, but still.

According to Teslarati, the delivery train was seen in Europe and shared on Twitter by Luc Waterlot. The publication notes that Stanford H. also shared the video, though it was on LinkedIn. He says that while the information is not confirmed, the train is reportedly heading from Giga Berlin to Norway, which makes a lot of sense since Norway is essentially the EV capital of the world.


How many EVs do you think Tesla will deliver across the globe in Q4 2022? How about for the entire year as a whole?

It's important to note that while it seems Tesla is kicking it into high gear and will break even more records before the year comes to an end, there are also reports of demand issues for the US EV maker's vehicles.

Perhaps those demand concerns will further materialize (or fizzle out) as we head into 2023, but it's difficult to know exactly what the story is, and Tesla doesn't typically offer much insight. The company continues to call demand issues "false," but it's lowering prices and offering discounts and incentives. Is Tesla just trying to ensure an incredibly impressive quarter, or are the reported "demand levers" necessary at this point?

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