The last of the Big Three US automakers to launch its own electric pickup is Ram, with the 1500 Revolution EV expected to debut in 2024. It will challenge the Chevrolet Silverado EV, GMC Sierra EV and the Ford F-150 Lightning, as well as other trucks from smaller manufacturers, and it also promises to bring class-leading specs to the table.

However, we still don’t know what it’s going to look like, given that Ram has so far only shared teasers that never really show the whole vehicle. We also know the Revolution model will be based on the next-gen Ram 1500 model, not the current one as some older renderings had tried to portray, and this makes predicting its look quite difficult.

Gallery: Ram Revolution Concept Renderings

However, our colleagues at commissioned this rendering that gives a very believable look at what the Ram Revolution might look like. The aforementioned teasers did show the vehicle’s side profile, as well as the basic look of its front and rear sections and all of that was factored into this speculative interpretation of the vehicle.

We would even go so far as to say the actual vehicle will only differ in minor details, but nothing will be dramatically different, unless the manufacturer intends to change the designs it has teased. Probably the most important teaser was also the most recent one, a video shared by Ram on social media, which shows a small part of the vehicle’s front fascia without artificially darkening any parts.

With that in mind, let’s examine the rendering. The front end’s focal point will be the twin LED strips that wrap around the upper and lower edges of the light clusters and a fully blanked out grille with an illuminated Ram logo. The lower part of the bumper on the rendering is just the result of speculation right now, but it doesn’t look out of place.

From the side, there’s a bit of first-gen Honda Ridgeline about the shape of the cab, with the slanted C-pillar that really gives a unique look that will set it apart from its more conventional looking rivals. It will even have a little roof spoiler, which should make it look more sporty, as well as clearly defined flanks that were reproduced very well in the renderings.

The back is the biggest mystery for now, although one of the teasers did give a glimpse at the vehicle’s rear light signature, which will match the shape and style of the front. Ram will unveil a concept version of the 1500 Revolution on January 5 at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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