The latest generation Opel Astra is now available as a fully electric vehicle for the first time, following in the footsteps of the smaller Corsa. Opel has revealed the first images of the new Astra Electric—available both as a hatchback and Sports Tourer wagon—along with preliminary specifications. 

Starting with the design, there's very little setting the Astra Electric apart from its ICE-powered or plug-in hybrid siblings. We can't spot other changes other than the small "e" badge on the trunk door and the EV-specific 18-inch alloy wheels (available in diamond-cut or completely black finish).

Unsurprisingly, the Opel Astra Electric and Astra Sports Tourer Electric share the all-electric powertrain with the Peugeot e-308 unveiled in September. A front-mounted electric motor rated at 115 kW (154 horsepower) and 270 Newton-meters (199 pound-feet) of torque—10 Nm (7 lb-ft) more than the Peugeot—drives the front wheels, enabling a top speed of 170 km/h (105 mph).

The motor is powered by 54-kWh lithium-ion battery (with 51 kWh usable capacity) consisting of 102 cells housed in 17 modules. The compact pack enables a driving range (WLTP) of up to 416 kilometers (258 miles), slightly longer than the Peugeot e-308's 400-km (248-mile) range. 

Gallery: Opel Astra Electric (2023) und Opel Astra Sports Tourer Electric (2023)

The Astra Electric's efficiency is rated by the automaker at 12.7 kWh of electricity per 100 kilometers (62 miles) or 14.9 kWh per 100 km according to WLTP. Charging the battery to 80 percent capacity takes around 30 minutes at a 100 kW direct current fast charging station, with the Astra also being equipped as standard with a three-phase 11 kW onboard charger for the wall box at home.

Opel notes that no space for passenger and luggage is lost inside seeing as the batteries are housed in the underbody. That's not entirely accurate, though. While the Astra Sports Tourer Electric offers 516 liters (18.2 cubic feet) of luggage space in the trunk and up to 1,553 liters (54.8 cu ft) with the rear seats folded down, the ICE model offers 608 liters (21.5 cu ft) and 1,634 liters (57.7 cu ft), respectively. 

Speaking of the cabin, the Opel Astra Electric offers features like ergonomic Active Sport seats (optionally available in Alcantara), a fully digital Pure Panel setup with two large 10-inch widescreen displays, E-HUD head-up display, natural voice recognition and more.

The compact EV is also equipped with numerous assistance systems, from front collision warning with automatic emergency braking to active lane keep assist, drowsiness detection and rear cross traffic alert to semi-automated lane change, bundled in the new Intelli-Drive 2.0.

Customers in Europe will be able to order the Opel Astra Electric and Astra Sports Tourer Electric from spring 2023. 

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