We’ve known ever since Peugeot revealed the all-new 308 and 308 SW (wagon variant) last year that the French automaker would also launch pure-electric versions of both. Now the e-308 and e-308 SW have been revealed boasting impressive efficiency and good range given their relatively small 54 kWh battery packs with a usable capacity of 51 kWh - Peugeot expects them to exceed 400 km / 250 miles on one charge on the WLTP test cycle.

Even though battery capacity is similar to older EVs from the manufacturer, Peugeot says battery packs equipping electric 308s are a new generation, featuring a new chemical composition of 80 percent Nickel, 10 percent Manganese and 10 percent Cobalt. It’s still a 400-volt system, allowing for maximum charging speed of 100 kW, good for bringing the state of charge from 20 to 80 percent in under 25 minutes.

Gallery: 2023 Peugeot E-308

It does get an on-board three-phase 11 kW charger as standard and that needs about five hours to fully charge the battery.

Peugeot is especially proud of the claimed efficiency that the e-308 and e-308 SW can achieve, which is 12.7 kWh/100 km or 4.89 miles per kWh. The manufacturer says this is better than all other vehicles in the same size class and it’s the reason why it expects the high range number from 51 kWh.

Just like all other Peugeot EVs, the e-308 is front-wheel drive, but Power is slightly higher than what we’ve seen in previous models, now up to 115 kW (156 horsepower), while peak torque comes in at 260 Nm. The manufacturer doesn’t mention the claimed sprint time to 100 km/h (62 mph) but it should be just under or around the 10-second mark.

Peugeot E-308: Das Cockpit (Detail)

Visually, Peugeot has not gone very far to differentiate the EV from hybrid and ICE versions of the 308. The front grille appears to be completely closed off and in the back both get an e-308 badge instead of the regular 308. The manufacturer also says it has also optimized the underside of the vehicle for better air flow, in order to help it achieve its impressive stated efficiency.

Pricing for the e-308 and e-308 SW has yet to be announced, but Peugeot notes in the press release that buyers in most European markets will be able to simply order their vehicle online, making it a completely digital purchase.

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