In the world of e-bikes, there are two schools of thought when it comes to creating an attractive and highly functional machine. On the one hand, we have powerful machines that bend the rules with powerful motors with monstrous torque figures, burly frames, and beefy wheels and tires. On the other hand, we have small, lightweight, and compact machines designed to provide no-frills urban mobility.

Ossby’s newest creation, the Curve Electric, slots right into the latter. The fledgling e-mobility company based out of Madrid, Spain, has quite an interesting machine in the form of the Curve Electric. At a glance, you may even miss the fact that this bike is packing a motor and battery. As its frame is slim, slender, and can be folded. What makes this bike interesting is the motor found on the rear wheel. You see, this two-in-one device houses both the battery and the motor, all housed within the rotating structure.

The technology is simple, yet effective. On the outside, all we see is the black housing that doubles as the wheel hub. Underneath the casing, however, the batter occupies the outer core, while the motor occupies the inner core—sort of like an egg, with the battery positioned where the eggwhite would be, and the motor where the yolk would be. As far as e-bike powertrains are concerned, this could very well be the most compact, albeit it’s clear that performance-oriented EVs such as mountain bikes and gravel bikes may not really benefit from such a setup due to the weight imbalance.

Spanish Manufacturer Ossby Introduces The Curve Electric City Bike

Nevertheless, from a commuter perspective, this setup stands the chance to be universally accessible, and could make e-bikes even more accessible to a wider audience. Now, in the case of the Ossby Curve Electric, the motor has a nominal power output of 250 watts, while the battery surrounding the motor has 10 Ah of juice. According to Ossby, this compact motor-battery combo can deliver up to 44 miles of range on a single charge—more than enough for the average daily commute.

Spanish Manufacturer Ossby Introduces The Curve Electric City Bike

Performance aside, there’s no denying that the Ossby Curve Electric is strictly an urban electric bike meant for paved roads. Just looking at its tiny wheels sends shivers down my spine with the thought of riding it off-road, or say, down a flight of stairs or a rather tall curb. As such, users of this bike will have to resist the temptation to ride it in a spirited manner. In exchange for their well-mannered riding, they get a lightweight folding e-bike that weighs no more than 30 pounds, that can be carried in the bus or train, up and down stairs, and stored under your work desk with ease.

Spanish Manufacturer Ossby Introduces The Curve Electric City Bike

Price-wise, Ossby doesn’t ask all that much for the Curve Electric. The equivalent of just $1,500 USD will be enough to add this cute and functional two-wheeler to your collection.

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