Smart is know for making some of the world’s smallest cars, but its two new models have shown a tendency for growth both in height (because they are both crossovers), as well as in overall dimensions. The latter is especially true for the Smart #3 crossover, photos of which have just leaked in China, revealing quite a big vehicle.

At first glance, it looked like this was just a coupe-like version of the previously revealed #1 electric crossover, but comparing the two vehicles’ proportions, it is pretty clear the #3 (expected to debut next year) is larger overall. This means Smart is possibly leaving room in the lineup for a model to slot between (a more upright version of the #3), or it is simply going to skip having a model called #2 (read as “Number 2”) in its lineup, for obvious reasons.

In terms of looks, the visual link between #1 and #3 is clear, as both vehicles have very similar front and rear fascia designs, but the #1 has a much more upright greenhouse that should provide ample headroom inside. In the Smart #3, though, rear headroom might be tight, as is the case in most other vehicles that feature a similar body style.

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According to the homologation papers that were filed for this vehicle in China, it measures 4.4 meters (14.4 feet) in length, which makes it just smaller than a Volkswagen ID.5, a possible rival for this vehicle. They also mention two power versions: 152 horsepower and 268 horsepower, these presumably being single- and dual-motor variants; they are the same outputs that Smart announced for the #1 model, which is also getting a hot 422 horsepower Brabus version in China.

Both vehicles are built on the SEA platform provided by Geely, which owns 50 percent of Smart, with Mercedes-Benz still owning the other half. The larger #3 is still expected to dip under the 2-ton mark, with a total weight of around 1.8 tons (3,968 pounds). No word on its battery capacity or range for now, though, but we will surely find out more before the vehicle is expected to go on sale sometime next year.

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