At this point, a whole host of individuals and publications have reviewed the Ford F-150 Lightning, which makes sense since it's arguably one of the most important and influential vehicles of our time. However, we continue to share as many of the best reviews we can find, because every reviewer has a bit of a different approach, and hopefully, Uncle Chet will put a smile on your face while providing you with some helpful information.

Uncle Chet is the host of the Chillin' with Chet YouTube channel, which we honestly weren't too familiar with before watching the video above. However, we can tell you that just about as soon as we clicked the play button, we were honestly laughing out loud. This is because Chet, who's quite loud, boisterous, and comical, opens the video as if he's Doug DeMuro (if you don't know Doug, you might want to look him up), emphasizing the word "THIS" over and over and over. Ok, it has been done before by other video journalists, but hearing it from Uncle Chet still got us chuckling.

At any rate, while Chet's review of the Ford F-150 Lightning is quite extensive, his focus is on its excellent performance as a "city truck." While this may be a roundabout way of saying that if you plan on using your truck for long road trips and or to tow and haul heavy stuff over long distances, an electric truck may not yet be what you're hoping for. However, if you aim to use your truck like much of the US population – to drive to and from work and cart the family around in style all while having some much-appreciated versatility, capability, and "status" – then the Lightning may be "perfect."

Thanks to its fully electric powertrain, the F-150 Lightning is quiet, it doesn't smell, it's better for your health, and it's cheap to fuel. Not to mention the fact that it requires very little maintenance. To learn all about why Uncle Chet concludes that the electric F-150 is the "Perfect City Truck," click the play button on the video at the top of the page.

Once you've had an opportunity to check out the video, let us know what you think about Uncle Chet and his silliness. More importantly, what's your take on the Ford F-150 Lightning? Do you think Ford hit a home run here? When we take a look back in five or 10 years, will the Lightning go down as one of the most important and influential vehicles of our time? Head to the comment section and start a conversation.

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