When GMC unveiled the 2024 Sierra EV Edition 1 electric pickup last week, it announced an eye-watering starting price of $108,465 (destination charge included).

Granted, the Denali Edition 1 is a fully loaded model that comes with up to 754 horsepower and 785 pound-feet (1,063 Newton-meters) of torque in Max Power mode, but the pricing is in firm Hummer EV Pickup territory. It even offers features like CrabWalk and 4-Wheel Steer, that have become synonymous with the electric Hummer.

The GMC Hummer EV 3X Pickup, which features an 830-horsepower three-motor powertrain, now starts at $106,645 after the automaker announced a $6,250 price hike across the entire lineup earlier this year. The 3X is now the most expensive Hummer EV Pickup model after the 1,000-horsepower Edition 1 Hummer EV sold out and is no longer available to order.

Given the very similar pricing, we asked GMC during the media briefing last week how do Hummer EV customers compare to Sierra EV Denali customers, and how much overlap is there between these two models.

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Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global Buick and GMC, answered InsideEVs' question by pointing out that the Sierra EV Denali will have a much broader appeal for GMC loyalists than the Hummer EV, which is mostly a conquest vehicle.

"About 75% of Hummer EV pickup reservations are new to the GMC brand. Sierra EV will have a much broader appeal for GMC and GMC Sierra owners, who have much more loyalty for the brand. It will have a different appeal, it will really appeal to the loyalists. Plus, the Sierra EV will offer a much broader lineup."

This suggests that GM expects many existing GMC owners—particularly gas-powered Sierra pickup owners—to upgrade to the Sierra EV at some point in the future. That said, the GMC Sierra EV is also expected to attract customers from other pickup truck brands, with Aldred saying the battery-powered model has "mass appeal in the truck space."

We also asked GMC whether there will be a non-Edition 1 Sierra EV Denali trim level, but we didn't get an answer. However, seeing as the limited-run Denali Edition 1 has already sold out in less than a day—although GMC did not say how many vehicles are part of the this series—it would be logical for the automaker to also offer a regular Sierra EV Denali for fans of the luxury sub-brand that haven't been able (or willing) to splash more than 108 grand on a Denali Edition 1.

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