The Camp Kitchen, one of the Rivian R1T's most distinctive features, has been discontinued. A $5,000 option, the Camp Kitchen came with a two-burner induction cooktop, a removable kitchen sink, several storage drawers, and a 4-gallon water tank. 

Rivian told reservation holders that it's temporarily pausing production of the camp kitchen so it can be redesigned. In an email to customers who specced the camp kitchen, Rivian outlined that the redesign might not be done in time for their delivery. Although the statement did not elaborate on why the kitchen was being redesigned, presumably several flaws were found.

The Rivian R1T currently starts at $73,000 meanwhile the R1S SUV comes in at $78,000. In both cases, that's for the dual-motor layout with the Standard Battery Pack (260-mile EPA range). The Large Pack gets you 320 miles of range and is a $6,000 option. Meanwhile, the Max Pack promises over 400 miles of range but will set you back an extra $16,000. For now, the Max Pack is only available on the R1T.

From our time on the updated Rivian configurator, we manage to spec a fully-loaded R1T to $116,505. Furthermore, an R1S can now be configured to $110,680. At launch, the R1T and R1S started at $67,500 and $70,000 respectively. However, back then both vehicles came standard with the Large Pack and Quad-Motor AWD. Today, a Quad-Motor, Large Pack R1T will set you back $87,000 before options meanwhile the equivalent R1S costs $92,000. 

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