We've watched and shared a number of car comparison videos, but we can honestly say that we've never shared one quite like this. This isn't because we're sharing a comparison of two vehicles from the same brand (siblings) that are built on the same platform. Instead, it's because the video is about actual siblings.

Jessie and Margaret are siblings that have a lot in common, much like the Rivian R1T and Rivian R1S. The video was actually produced by Rivian and shared on the startup electric automaker's official YouTube channel. The video itself is relatively short, but there's a whole story about these sisters and their Rivian EVs, which actually has its own webpage.

Rivian invited Jessie and Margaret to share a bit about their lives, how they're different, and, more specifically, how and why they have different needs. When it comes to vehicles, these ladies may have similar tastes, though their different lives and needs lead them to choose different EVs.

Jessie actually works for Rivian, and she decided to purchase an R1T electric pickup truck. When her older sister Margaret learned about the truck, it piqued her interest. However, Margaret decided to go with the R1S three-row SUV, which has extra seats for her kids and generous cargo space. 

Meanwhile, Jessie and her partner spend plenty of time on the water, so a pickup truck just makes sense. They're paddle boarders who are often dealing with wet gear, and a truck bed is a good place to stow it. Thanks to the R1T's frunk and gear tunnel, they have plenty of covered storage space for their gear as well. It's a perfect situation since they can keep dry gear and a change of clothes in the gear tunnel while the wet stuff gets stashed in the bed.

To learn more about Jessie and Margaret, as well as the Rivian R1T and R1S, follow the Rivian source link below. There, you'll find a page with not only the whole story, but also some accompanying images.

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