Rivian recently recalled almost every R1T electric pickup truck and R1S three-row SUV it has produced thus far, or 12,212 electric vehicles, to be precise. Sadly, there's a chance the truck's fastener that connects the front upper control arm to the steering knuckle could be loose. Rivian says it appears that in some cases, the fastener may not have been properly tightened before delivery.

We've been seeing a whole host of EV recalls as new electric cars and SUVs come to market. Tesla has had its fair share lately, though nearly all of them just require a simple over-the-air software update. In many cases, recalls we've shared related to various EVs lately have just required software updates, though some still require the owner to visit a dealership.

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Unfortunately for Rivian, you can't tighten a fastener with an over-the-air update, but you may be able to do it quicker than most updates could load and be ready for use. We've been keeping close tabs on many Rivian R1T and R1S owners on social media who have all shared and agreed that the process was quick and hassle-free.

In many cases, the Rivian owners just drove to the service center and had the EV inspected, which literally took a matter of minutes, and then drove away. Some owners said they did this without even having an appointment. In what appears to be a smaller number of cases, a Rivian technician quickly tightened the fastener, which also took just a few minutes. 


We could share loads of social media posts about this, but we'd rather direct your attention to our trusted friend Kyle Conner. Who knew he had a YouTube channel called "Kyle Conner"? We'll admit that we didn't, but we're well aware of his long list of "Out of Spec" network channels, which we follow religiously.

Kyle and Alyssa just happen to own a new Rivian R1T, among a growing assortment of other EVs. They headed into Denver to get the electric truck inspected for the suspension recall. As you'll see, the process is quick and easy. In fact, the paperwork takes longer than the fix. If you don't live near a Rivian service center, be sure to call and try to schedule a mobile service appointment.

For those who want more details, we've included a previous Out of Spec Podcast video below featuring Branden Flasch. Kyle and Branden chat about the story behind the recall, as well as the process to fix it.

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