Popular cycling company BMC recently introduced its new Fourstroke range of all-mountain bikes. A total of four bikes under the model range have been launched, but one of them, the AMP LT, is what we’re here to talk about. Thanks to the fact that it’s the only one of the four that features an electric motor, it provides a tad more usability, especially for those looking to go the extra mile without compromising on off-road performance.

Making e-bikes slimmer, lighter, and more indistinguishable from their purely mechanical counterparts seems to be a growing trend in the industry. As a result, it's not shocking that you might not immediately recognize this as an e-bike. The battery is housed in the downtube, which BMC designed to be as thin as possible while still accommodating cable, hose, and wire guides that run parallel to the battery.

The AMP LT's geometry is the same as that of the rest of the Fourstroke family, with a 66.5-degree head angle, a 40-millimeter BB drop, and 170-millimeter cranks. Just 3 millimeters are added to the chainstay length to make room for the electric motor. BMC compensates for this, though, by providing shorter reach figures for larger frame sizes. It feels and pedals like a regular bike because of the motor's quietness, compact size, and low weight. In essence, the Fourstroke AMP LT rides just as agile and powerful as the pedal-powered version, but with extra assistance.

Because of its lightweight frame, motor, and general construction, the Fourstroke AMP LT can use light suspension. The bikes are equipped with either Fox 34 Stepcast or RockShox SID forks coupled to a rear shock absorber, based on the model you choose. Front and rear tires of the bike can be up to 29x2.4 inches. Additionally, a chain guide stops the chain from bouncing off the chainring, and an integrated mud flap shields the bottom linkage from mud and debris.

As for the electronics, we find the charging port on the upper section of the downtube, and the display is embedded in the toptube, right in view of the rider. The minimalist display shows you just enough info to get a gist of how the bike is running with just one glance. Battery percentage and range are all it has to offer. Other than that, pertinent ride data can be viewed via the TQ mobile app. Speaking of TQ, the bike is powered by a 300W TQ motor that weighs just 1.85 kilograms. It sips juice from a 1.85 kilogram 360-Wh battery pack. The entire power unit—motor and battery—tips the scales at no more than four kilos.

As for pricing and availability, the Fourstroke AMP LT is offered in four flavors, with the Three being the most entry-level option priced at $7,299. It’s expected to hit stores by July 2023. Up next, the Two, which will be made available by April 2023, has an $8,999 price tag. The One, meanwhile, will also hit stores in April 2023, and carry a retail price of $10,999. Last but not least, the LTD, which sits at the top of the food chain, will be available as early as December 2022, but will set you back a steep $15,000.

BMC’s Fourstroke AMP LT Is A Lightweight And Versatile E-MTB
BMC’s Fourstroke AMP LT Is A Lightweight And Versatile E-MTB
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