Mercedes-Benz has four bespoke EVs in its lineup and none of them look like this exclusive rendering of a possible EQC (C-Class equivalent) electric sedan. It looks closer to in style to the EQXX, which is by design because the EQC sedan hasn’t actually been confirmed by Mercedes, and by the time rumors say it will debut the automaker will have moved to a new design.

The rendering is based on widely quoted unnamed insider reports that say an EQC sedan is definitely coming and that prototypes are already out testing (although we’ve only seen the next-gen EQC SUV, not the sedan). The rumor also says the three-box EQC will draw heavily from the EQXX’s design, which will help it stand out from the EQE and EQS sedans that frankly look nearly identical to one another.

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Underpinning the EQC would not be the same EVA platform that underpins the EQE and EQS, though. It is believed to be the first model to be built around the new MMA “Entry Luxury” platform, which the manufacturer will use to underpin models the size of today’s ICE based EV offerings (the EQA and EQB), but also slightly larger C-Class-sized models.

The EQXX prototype was actually created as a preview for what could be built on the MMA platform. In fact, the EQXX’s long tail may fool you into thinking it is larger than it really is - its overall length is 4.63 meters (182.3 inches) and the wheelbase is just 2.8 meters (110 inches), both shorter than today’s C-Class.

The front end of the vehicle in the rendering isn’t actually inspired by the EQXX, though. It actually draws heavily from Mercedes-AMG Electric concept. Interestingly, that vehicle was also created as a preview for a platform, the AMG.EA architecture that will be unique to AMG.

And from the side it’s clearly not as sleek as the EQXX, but that’s because it was envisioned with ample room for passengers, so the greenhouse is slightly in relation to the rest of the vehicle.

It is believed the three-box EQC could debut around the middle of the decade as a direct rival to the Tesla Model 3, but with more range. It could be one of the most important electric Mercedes models, a direct rival for the 3 Series-sized BMW Neue Klasse EV sedan that is also coming in 2025.

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