The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is a taste of things to come from the German luxury brand, especially in terms of powertrain and battery tech. 

The company aims to develop the study into a production EV capable of covering a range of 1,000 kilometers or 621 miles. Aerodynamics will play a big part in achieving that ambitious target, and that probably means the production car will take inspiration from the Vision EQXX.

Which production car will that be? That's a good question; judging from the concept vehicle's dimensions, it could be a compact sedan, making the next-generation electric C-Class the most logical choice.

If Mercedes-Benz carries on with its current electric vehicle nomenclature, chances are the said model will be called EQC Sedan. Regardless of its name, this electric sedan is expected to launch in 2025 as the first Mercedes-Benz EV based on the new Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA) for compact and medium-sized cars.

Gallery: Mercedes Vision EQXX

Last year, a report from Automotive News claimed the next-generation EQC would arrive in the United States in 2025 joined by a battery-powered C-Class sedan.

Using the Vision EQXX as a starting point, our friends from imagined what the electric sedan could look like. The resemblance to the concept vehicle (see gallery above) is significant, although the proportions are altered, with the EQC Sedan pictured in the opening image adopting shorter front and (especially) rear overhangs.

Obviously, this is simply a speculative rendering as Mercedes-Benz prototypes haven't been spotted yet. 

One thing is certain, the MMA electric vehicle platform will enable significant weight savings for the EQC Sedan, which combined with the highly aerodynamic bodywork as well as compact electric motors and battery pack should result in very low energy consumption ratings and consequently a long range.

Whether Mercedes-Benz will get close to the 1,000-kilometer range and sub-10 kWh per 100 km energy consumption targets in real-life conditions it remains to be seen.

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