Honda and LG Energy Solution's joint venture (JV) battery gigafactory will be located in Ohio, where the Japanese company intends to create a true EV hub.

The 40 GWh lithium-ion battery cell plant will cost $3.5 billion, but the overall investment related to the JV is projected to reach $4.4 billion.

The plan is to begin construction of the plant in Fayette County (about 40 miles southwest of Columbus) in early 2023 and start mass production before the end of 2025.

Batteries from the JV gigafactory will then be used in all-new Honda and Acura models, based on the all-new Honda e:Architecture, starting in 2026.

Honda EV hub in Ohio

The location of the battery cell plant in Fayette County, Ohio is not accidental as Honda has three plants in the state, which will be re-tooled for EV-related production.

The total investment in Honda's Marysville Auto Plant (MAP), East Liberty Auto Plant (ELP) and Anna Engine Plant (AEP) is estimated at $700 million and will result in 300 new jobs.

"The $700 million re-tooling will enable AEP associates to produce the battery case, to be combined with the battery modules from the JV plant on a sub-assembly line at MAP, with the complete battery unit then installed in EVs built by associates at both MAP and ELP."

Honda announced its first production facility in Ohio 45 years ago - on October 11, 1977, which is a symbolic date to start a major shift towards electrification.

The current strategy includes local production of electric cars in the US, including batteries and other components, in high volume.

Before Honda will be ready with its e:Architecture in 2026, the first two models will be introduced in partnership with General Motors using the Ultium platform in 2024. The initial annual sales target is 70,000 units.

The first model - Honda Prologue - was recently unveiled and, according to the reports, it will be first offered in ZEV states before a nationwide rollout.

Honda and LG Energy Solution EV battery JV:

  • type: joint venture
  • investment: $3.5 billion plant
    "The companies’ overall investment related to the JV is projected to reach $4.4 billion"
  • location: Fayette County, Ohio
  • battery type: lithium-ion pouch-type batteries
  • volume: up to 40 GWh annually
  • use: Honda and Acura models for the North American market
  • construction start (plan): early 2023
  • production start (plan): by the end of 2025
  • jobs: about 2,200
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