While Tesla's recent deliveries didn't quite meet Wall Street's estimates, the US EV maker had yet another solid quarter. Production was on par with many people's guesses, but the automaker was unable to deliver every last car before the quarter came to a close. Now, Q4 2022 is underway, and, as expected, we're seeing reports of a massive number of Tesla's EVs already at port for export from China.

As we've explained in the past, early in each quarter, Tesla focuses most of its efforts on exports, as well as deliveries that are the furthest from each of its factories. Once the quarter nears its end, the automaker switches to filling local orders.

With that said, at the beginning of every quarter we've seen drone footage (much like the above) of Tesla gearing up to ship Model 3 and Model Y EVs out of China. There's typically a sea of cars ready to load and depart, and within a matter of days, the lots fill up again. However, all of the previous reports were prior to Tesla's upgrades at Gigafactory Shanghai, which have significantly increased the brand's production capacity. At this point, we're only a week into Q4, and the sea of cars is becoming an ocean.

Tesla aims to deliver more cars in Q4 2022 than it has ever delivered before. You might point out that this is the goal every quarter. However, it seems Q4 2022 is likely to take it to the next level.

Tesla continues to stick to its goal of increasing production by some 50 percent each year. This means that in 2022, the automaker hopes to produce about 1.5 million EVs and deliver the bulk of them. Year to date, Tesla has produced about 930,000 vehicles and delivered about 909,000. The automaker aims to add about 450,000 to those numbers by the end of the year.

According to reports, Tesla plans to produce about 20,500 EVs per week in the fourth quarter in China, with a total production goal of about 266,500. While we have no idea how it will all work out for Tesla not only in China, but also across the globe, it looks like the automaker is off to another good start.

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