FreeWire Technologies announced a new program "to make available" battery-integrated electric vehicle charging equipment and solutions for Chevron’s branded stations.

In effect, soon we should see FreeWire Boost Chargers deployed at Chevron and Texaco stations (both company-owned and independently owned retailer and marketer stations).

"FreeWire’s program will provide an integrated approach by coupling battery-integrated chargers supported by energy management software with custom branding/design and analytics. "

The press release is a bit enigmatic, so we don't really know how the partnership will work nor how many chargers might be installed.

The recently launched FreeWire Boost Charger 200 is equipped with an integrated battery energy storage (160 kWh) and can charge at up to 200 kW (using CCS plug) or up to 100 kW (using CHAdeMO plug), or charge two vehicles simultaneously, each at up to 100 kW.

The main advantage of such a type of charger is a much lower input power requirement (at 27 kW AC), which enable deployment quickly and at a lower cost in areas where full power is not easily available.

Another thing is that such chargers might be used temporarily, just to check demand for EV charging (before big investments) - and this might be tempting for companies like Chevron.

Jesse Love, Chevron’s Retail Brand Experience manager said that Chevron is committed to large investments, including EV-related:

“Chevron believes the future of energy is lower carbon, and our program with FreeWire is another step on our journey to deliver all forms of energy to our customers. We are committed to investing billions in lower-carbon projects over the next 10 years and are excited to join with companies like FreeWire that develop technologies that enhance our retail offerings and can grow our Chevron and Texaco brands.”

“As these charging stations are rolled out across our retail network in the United States, our customers will be able to find them and other services on our new Chevron and Texaco mobile apps. Another cool example of delivering a great customer experience.”

FreeWire Technologies' other partners, which usually are associated with internal combustion engine vehicles are bp and Phillips66. The ongoing electrification is simply a trend that can't be ignored.

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