According to recent filings, Tesla is getting another tent at its Fremont factory. However, it won't be used for vehicle production. The filings also point to assembly line upgrades for the Model S and Model X, as well as an update related to battery production.

Ever since Tesla CEO Elon Musk made it clear he wasn't ruling out expansion at the Fremont factory, we've been waiting to learn exactly what upgrades and or expansions may take place. Now we have further details from a few related filings.

Tesla already has two tents on the Fremont property, and it actually builds cars in them. In fact, the company was criticized for putting an assembly line in a tent, though it's really a Sprung Structure, which can be much more permanent than a typical tent. Tesla had the tent put up to expand the factory. Later, it ended up making at least one of them permanent for Model Y production.

According to the filings shared with Teslarati, the upcoming $140,000 "temporary exterior tent" will not be a place for building cars, though Tesla could change course later. Initially, it seems the new space will be for storing tools. Fremont is out of space, and there's not a whole lot of area around the factory to expand, so these tents have become a welcome option for the automaker.

The article goes on to add that Tesla has also been making a number of upgrades to the Model X and Model S lines at the Fremont factory. Teslarati says the automaker installed new automated arms, a frame lifting system, and other related equipment to increase employees' "ergonomic safety" during production work.

Finally, another filing included some new information related to the expansion efforts we previously reported on. It came to light that Tesla had filed for a battery manufacturing equipment line. The filing refered to a $1.5 million project, with installation planned for the second floor at the Fremont factory. Now, a related filing has been submitted to the City of Fremont. The filing reads:

“This project is located on the second floor of assembly building. Package will include equipment layout, tool anchorage plan, exhaust, power for equipment, and process piping plan.”

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