Sadly, Tesla doesn't share much, and it doesn't have a PR department to verify or deny claims. However, amid CEO Elon Musk's mentions of potential future expansion at the company's factory in Fremont, work has started nearby. Musk also recently commented that the Tesla Fremont team is kicking "butt" these days.

According to Teslarati, not only is there obvious construction work adjacent to the Fremont factory, but there also seems to be a lot of activity and "buzz" at and near the factory itself. The publication became aware of these details from a recent drone flyover video posted on YouTube by 在曠野遇見神 (Met God in Wilderness).

The Fremont factory was Tesla's first and only automotive plant for some time, though it eventually opened a factory in China, which has become its primary export facility. Tesla also recently opened a factory in Germany and another in Texas. In addition, Musk decided to officially move Tesla's headquarters out of California and into Texas. However, he did say the Fremont factory will continue cranking out cars and potentially expand going forward.

As you can see from the footage in the Fremont factory drone flyover video above, there's definitely plenty of activity at and around the factory. There's also no doubt that construction is underway nearby, though we have no way to know for sure if it's related to Tesla.

That said, the company has torn down some of its buildings on the property, and it seems those structures were still in workable condition, which suggests the automaker could be carving out space for something new.


Tesla expanded the California factory in the past with tent-like "Sprung" structures. It eventually made at least some of those structures permanent. However, there's apparently still not enough room at the EV plant. Tesla filed a building permit related to parts of the Fremont property back in February 2022, which it reportedly updated this month.

Regardless of any potential upgrades, it was revealed by Musk during Tesla's Q2 2022 earnings conference call that the Fremont factory recently hit records related to production. In fact, he claimed that the factory is actually the most productive single car factory in the US, and that was before the most recent record-breaking production.

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