Ford revealed its impressive Electric SuperVan at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed where it made quite an impression especially when it went up the hill. It also drew a crowd when in the paddock, as engineers removed various panels revealing more of racing technology hiding underneath.

When the SuperVan was revealed, Ford said that it would not just be a show car. The Blue Oval will evolve the vehicle over time, just like it did with all the three older versions of the same formula.

Gallery: Ford Electric SuperVan on the Nurburgring

We were therefore expecting it to make another appearance, and it has, in this set of photos our spies sent us. They spotted the Electric SuperVan doing a lap of the Nurburgring Nordschleife accompanied by another Ford, a Mustang, suggesting that the manufacturer may be looking to looking to set a lap time.

Packing around 2,000 horsepower, all-wheel drive, racing running gear and aero, the SuperVan could be really quick around the ‘Ring. If you watch Top Gear, you may remember the late Sabine Schmitz drove a standard Ford Transit on the show and nearly got it under the 10-minute mark - Ford may want to bring her an homage by setting a very fast time in its new super van.

Looking at the van’s design, its emphasis on aerodynamics and grip, as well as its stated performance actually make it a pretty good candidate for setting a very fast lap time. It’s still quite tall, so it doesn’t have the ideal body for high speeds, yet with as much power as it has, Ford says it can exceed 200 mph (322 km/h), so it should even have the top end to really fly down some of the straights - it would certainly be a very popular video if Ford made it.

In the opening photo you can really see some of its crazy aero. Aside from the two tunnels going through what would have been its cargo compartment, there's actually a carbon fiber tunnel that runs from the big intake in the front bumper all the way to the rear. Ford clearly designed this to produce downforce, and if you watch its Goodwood video embedded above, it really looks very grippy and tidy through the corners, like a proper track car.

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