DAF, a Dutch truck manufacturer, is launching a new truck model in Europe - the LF Electric distribution truck for use in urban areas.

It's the second battery-electric model after the larger DAF CF Electric (a 4x2 tractor unit or a 6x2 rigid), available since 2018 and already used in several countries (the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Hungary).

The new 19-ton rigid DAF LF Electric is more suitable for lighter distribution tasks. It can take up to 11.7 tons of payload and, thanks to a 282 kWh battery (252 kWh of usable capacity), cover daily routes typically used for inner-city distribution. The driving range is estimated at up to 280 km (174 miles).

In terms of charging, there are two options: 22 kW AC charging using an on-board three-phase charger, or DC fast charging, which at 150 kW chargers takes about 1 hour from 20 to 80% state-of-charge (SOC).

The first DAF LF Electric will be acquired by the Dutch logistics service provider Nabuurs, which will be using the truck to supply the hospitality establishments of the AB InBev brewing company in Groningen in the northern Netherlands.

Nabuurs noted that it's important for the company to have both, the AC and DC charging options, as the AC appears to be good enough for overnight charging without the necessity to invest in a DC charger.

“It means we don’t have to invest immediately in expensive DC charging facilities. The vehicle can he hooked up to a normal 22 kWh charger at the end of the day and be ready for use the next morning.”

DAF LF Electric
DAF LF Electric

DAF LF Electric specs:

  • available as a 19-ton rigid truck (wheelbase 5.30 or 5.85 m)
  • a payload allowance of 11,700 kilograms
  • up to 280 km (174 miles) of range
  • battery capacity: 282 kWh (252 kWh usable)
    LFP chemistry
  • electric motor power: 370 kW peak (260 kW continuous)
  • AC charging at 22 kW: 20-80% SOC in 6.5 hours, 0-100% SOC in 12 hours
  • DC fast charging (up to 150 kW): 20-80% SOC in 60 minutes or in 2 hours when recharging fully from zero
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