Per recent spy shots from Germany, Mercedes is set to launch a facelifted version of its electric EQA crossover. The EQA only went on sale in January 2021, however Mercedes reportedly wants to update it so its design language aligns with more recent EQ models like the EQE and EQS. Equally the combustion-powered GLA is set to be revised for the 2023 model year, so therefore it makes sense for its electric equivalent to also follow suit.

The above render by Top Electric SUV gives us a good indication of what this minor facelift could look like. BMW recently pulled a similar move with the iX3, facelifting it only a year after it first went on sale. 

Although it hasn't been photographed yet, we wouldn't be surprised if a facelifted EQB was also in the works. Like the EQA, the EQB's gasoline equivalent (the GLB) is due an update next year. 

Another early EQ model that doesn't quite fit in with the new design wave is the EQC. First going on sale in 2019, the EQC never made it over to America and was something of a sales flop in Europe. However, unlike the EQA and EQB it's not expected to be facelifted. According to a report by Business Insider it will instead be discontinued in 2023.


The Mercedes EQV, which is based on a platform from 2014, is expected to be extensively updated next year and will get an entirely new chassis. Top Electric SUV reported that it will use a new dedicated EV platform called VAN.EA. The outlet also provided us with the above rendering showing what the next-gen EQV could look like. Yes, aesthetically it's not expected to be too different from the current iteration however it will very different underneath. For instance, a dedicated EV platform should allow for a serious boost in range and fast charging capabilities. 

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