Mercedes-Benz has already confirmed that it plans to put Maybach badges on some of its most exclusive EQ electric vehicles, and the most opulent and expensive of them all will probably be the version based on the EQS SUV unveiled in mid-April. This is the EQS for buyers who want to look down at other motorists and they will certainly be able to do that if their flashy two-tone SUV is adorned with Maybach logos.

We actually got to see an early interpretation of a Maybach EQS SUV at last year’s German motor show in Munich, but that lacked many of the finer details that Mercedes-Benz has now shown with the reveal of the production EQS SUV. proceeded to add Maybach features on the new tall EQS and what resulted is this believable rendering that does a great job previewing the real deal.

In fact, it borrows all the Maybach features from last year’s concept and pastes them over the actual production EQS and, frankly, it probably looks better than a sedan with a similar treatment. In fact, the EQS SUV is arguably a more successful overall design compared to the sedan (which is secretly actually a hatchback which looks just plain weird from certain angles), with more natural and traditional looking proportions that it doesn’t seem to stick out as much among regular vehicles.

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The Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV will arrive sometime next year, it will get unique front and rear fascias, as well as special 24-inch Maybach wheels, and an interior with special uber luxury touches, as well as increased breadth of customization options many of which will be exclusive to the Maybach variant, in order to differentiate it more and add to the feeling of exclusivity that it should provide. says it incorporated details from Maybach EQS SUV spy photos into this rendering, although we say they could have just used the details Mercedes had already shown on last year's study as it's more revealing. However, the camouflaged prototype they modeled this on does confirm that many of the concept's features will, in fact, make it into production.

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