Mercedes-Benz unveiled the interior of the upcoming all-electric EQS SUV yesterday and announced that the new battery assembly plant in Alabama has become operational.

This is a big deal for Mercedes-Benz and its US operations, as the new facility in Bibb County will supply battery packs to the vehicle manufacturing plant in Tuscaloosa for the EQS SUV and EQE SUV. Both electric SUVs will be made in Alabama for the US market and global exports. 

Along with these announcements, Mercedes-Benz has invited journalists for a ride-along in the EQS SUV and Out of Spec Reviews' Kyle Conner took advantage of the opportunity and filmed the entire experience. 

The prototype vehicle he rode in still carried camouflage on the outside but was fully uncovered inside, allowing him to experience the spectacular dashboard featuring the 56-inch MBUX Hyperscreen. 

Behind the wheel was Holger Enzmann, who's project manager for the development of the EVA2 electric vehicle platform on which the EQS SUV is based, so Kyle learned interesting things from him.

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For example, the Mercedes-Benz engineer demonstrated a new feature of the front passenger side display, which in the EQS SUV can display videos while the vehicle is on the move. However, if the driver starts looking in that direction, the screen fades to prevent the driver from being distracted. Once the driver looks at the road again, the display continues to play media. This feature is enabled by an onboard camera facing the driver.

Kyle also got to see how the EQS SUV handles unpaved roads as Enzmann drove the electric SUV on the off-road test track located near the Tuscaloosa plant. Besides getting acquainted with the Off-Road mode and its cool graphics on the display, Kyle was impressed with how comfortable the EQS SUV felt while tackling rough terrain and how effortlessly it climbed steep slopes.

Towards the end of the video, Kyle also got a taste of the EQS SUV's acceleration and handling on a paved track, likening the experience to the EQS sedan. Speaking of the EQS sedan, Kyle believes the EQS SUV makes more sense to buy for most customers given the added practicality (it offers up to seven seats), off-road abilities and higher driving position. 

Obviously, there's a lot more information in the video so make sure you watch it if you're interested in Mercedes-Benz's flagship electric SUV.

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