Mercedes-Benz has announced that there will be an AMG version of its new EQS electric sedan. That model will be the most powerful and most driver-focused EQS, but an older rumor suggested that there may eventually be a Maybach version of the EQS too.

The report is from September of last year, when Ola Kallenius, the CEO of Daimler told Bloomberg that with the new range of electrified EQ-badged models, there it would make sense for the manufacturer to also make Maybach models based on them too. He said

There’s room to do more with the Maybach brand name. The electric platform offers some opportunities.

And which EQ model would be most suitable for the Maybach treatment? Why the newly-revealed EQS sedan, of course. And if you’re wondering how it would change, well, it would have to have a longer wheelbase, and the exterior would get some Maybach-specific details (the Mercedes star on the faux grille is also gone, replaced by a single vertical bar with sensors and cameras on either side).

In order to try to illustrate what a Maybach EQS would look like, I created this very long EQS, with two-tone paint, Maybach wheels and quite a bit more chrome on the outside. We imagine that it’s the interior where the most notable changes would be applied, but the exterior would certainly look quite different too.

Now even as I was making this rendering, I still wasn’t sure that the proportions are right with the extended wheelbase. However, the Maybach S-Class has the same stretched look, favoring interior room over pleasant proportions, so in the end I decided that it does look similar to what Mercedes would do with this idea.

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