Tuners have still not found a way to extract more power out of electric vehicles - unless they are hackers who do things to the vehicles that the manufacturer might frown upon. The new Brabus EQS, based on the Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ certainly looks the part (arguably more aggressive than even Mercedes’ own AMG-badged EQS) but it still has the standard power output , acceleration and top speed as the standard vehicle (even though Brabus does sell a power boost kit for other EVs, like the EQC electric SUV).

The only area where Brabus has actually improved its performance is suspension. The tuner has lowered the EQS’ air suspension by 15 millimeters (0.6 inches) in the front and 20 millimeters (0.8 inches) in the rear and between this and the custom aero kit that equips the Brabus EQS, the vehicle’s drag coefficient improves by 7.2 percent, with a similar impact on range, according to the manufacturer.

Gallery: Mercedes EQS by Brabus

Brabus doesn’t give an exact number for the range increase, but it estimates that you should see the 7 percent range improvement when traveling at between 100 and 140 km/h (62 to 87 mph), when the lower suspension and aero tweaks have the biggest impact. And given the fact that the suspension is retuned and lower, the Brabus EQS should be slightly better around corners too, especially with some more aggressive and sticky tires.

The EQS 450+ has a 120 kWh battery pack (of which 107.8 kWh are usable) and an EPA range of 350 miles (563 km).

If you like sporty sedans, then you will definitely appreciate the visual impact of the Brabus mods on the EQS, even if it’s actually a hatchback (the smaller EQE is a real sedan, even though both vehicles have an almost identical side profile). The Brabus EQS features unique front and rear bumpers and side skirts with carbon fiber inserts, and special rims.

Brabus actually made a custom set of very fitting Monoblock wheels for the EQS, ranging in size from 20- to 22-inch (the Monoblocks on the EQS photographed in the wind tunnel are the larger 22-inch size). It also replaced all visible Mercedes logos on the outside, as well as inside where buyers are given a wide range of customization options to make their EQS one of a kind.

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